Sell Tacos game

Sell Tacos is a super food management game where you need to buy ingredients for Tacos. In this game, you will become a taco vendor. You'll need to craft your own taco recipe, purchase supplies, upgrade your food cart or food truck, and buy items to boost your sales. Play Sell Tacos now at abcya3 and have fun.

A guy named Tom decided to become a taco seller. In the new exciting online game Sell Tacos, you will have to help the hero develop his business. First of all, you will need to purchase a special street cart for our hero. After this, you will go to the local market to purchase certain food products needed to prepare this dish. After this, you will set up your cart at a specific location and start trading. People will come up to you and order different types of tacos. You will have to use food to cook them. After that, you will hand over the tacos to customers and get paid for it. With the money you earn, you can buy new equipment and products you need for your work.

You'll start with a limited balance, a basic food cart, and no items. Can you become a successful taco seller?

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Instruction to play: Mouse.



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