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You are one of the best chefs in the world. Your famous noodle recipe proves that. However, you are one step away from completing your noodle. Drop an egg right into a bowl of noodles accurately to finish this amazing dish. It’s your ultimate objective in Tasty Drop at ABCya 3 game. Here, each level is a challenging puzzle in which you have to find the best way to drop the egg right into the noodles.

There are so many obstacles that stop you from doing that. Most of the time, you have to time your action to make the egg drop and land right on top of the noodles. You can move the egg from the left to the right and from the right to the left but you can’t move it close to the bowl of noodles. Besides, the bowl of noodles will auto-move on some levels. That makes it harder to clear the mission. The key to solving each puzzle is to time your tap or click. Look at the movement of the bowl and observe the obstacles to calculate the right moment to take action.You can complete the level on the first try but on other levels, you may have to play over and over again. This is a physics-based puzzle game that why timing your action plays an important role. The egg will bounce when it touches the tough platforms and it may bounce off the bowl of noodles as well. It seems that this game is super simple and easy but actually, its puzzles can make you sweat to find out the solution.

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