States Battle game

States Battle is a war-simulation game focused on world dominion. It asks a player to make real-time, strategic decisions about the deployment of troops to conquer states in parts of various countries. Their ultimate goal is to conquer each country.

The player initially selects icons to represent their building and fighters. These options include a skull, elephant, wolf head, turret, griffin head, alien head, helmet, sword, spear tip and diamond. They also select either blue or red as their color. They later receive access to additional color options.


Mouse: To move troops into another state, position the cursor at the center of the occupied state, press the left button, slide the mouse toward the desired unoccupied or enemy-controlled state, and then release the button.

Mobile: To move troops, position the cursor, press the screen or pad surface with a finger or stylus, slide toward the desired state, and remove the tip from the surface.

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