The Last Man game

The Last Man online game is a top-down survival horror game to escape from an alien-infested facility. The game is very scary if you are brave. Realistic graphic design will make you feel like entering a bloody world. You will have a lot of different experiences. Horrible deaths, corpses everywhere. The world has been ravaged by terrifying aliens. You will have a lot of new and unexpected feelings when playing. You are passionate about action movies, this is a dramatic and attractive game.

You will do well in those things. What is your mission? Find and collect all the weapons and gears on your way. Find an escape from these scary and dark places. Don't let your guard down because these aliens can cut your head off with just one hit. Overcome all the challenges when participating in The Last Man online game at ABCya-3. Accept all those new challenges. You will be provided with randomly generated weapons, ammo, exits, and enemy locations. 3 levels full of monsters and 3 different endings, 3D maze environment, 10 different weapons from combat knives to sniper rifles will captivate you.

You will play a true action game. We will be able to win against the enemies. Are you ready to do it well? You will get lost in a game that realistically reproduces all emotions. You will become the only surviving man in this game. Are you ready to fight hard and tackle all the evil aliens?

Game controls:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, left click to shoot,

click Right click to pick up a weapon or item,

Scroll to change weapon, and R to reload.

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Catom Games

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