Bazooka Boy Online game

Blast your way through a series of levels to defeat every single enemy in Bazooka Boy Online at ABCya3 unblocked. Can you make it? In this fun shooting game, you have to use your bazooka to shoot down enemies in each stage. You are alone to fight against several enemies at once. Don’t worry. They won’t attack you. However, you will lose if you miss several shots. Each level gives you 3 bullets and with these bullets, you have to kill all enemies.

If you run out of bullets but an enemy is still alive, you lose. Using a bazooka is not easy at all. It takes time to get used to it. You have to practice aiming and shooting accurately so that you can shoot down every target. There is a guiding line for you to rely on. It’s quite different from using a slingshot that you may have used in several shooting games. Adjusting the angle of the shot accurately is important. It’s not about the power you put in each shot but the angle that you choose to fire. Sometimes, you won’t directly kill enemies.

You shoot at an object and make that object fall into the enemy and take their life. As you level up, enemies have more tricks to keep themselves safe from you. They hide inside their buildings and you have to destroy their building before you kill them. Time is unlimited, so don’t hesitate to spend time aiming. The better you aim, the better the shot. Let’s conquer all levels one by one and enjoy your free time here.



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