Chain Cube: 2048 merge game

Don't try and hide it, we know you can't get enough fun 2048 games! Chain Cube 2048 is a great puzzle game for those, who like challenging brain teasers and logic number games. Believe us, it is much harder to reach 2048 than drop the number. The further you go, the harder gameplay is. Don’t cross the red line, unless you want to start the puzzle game again! Aim precisely and keep a sharp eye on the chain cubes merging together.

The goal of the game is to get 2048 numbered cubes by merging cubes with each other. Only the same numbered cubes can be merged. You should avoid cubes filling all over the board and pass through the red line. If they pass the red line, you will lose the game. Challenge a friend and try to score the highest by merging cubes!

How to play:

Aim/Shoot: "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK"

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