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Merge Master: Dinosaur Fusion is an exhilarating real-time strategy game that challenges the quickness of your mind and your tactical skills. Players have to merge their warriors or dinosaur units to defeat a diverse array of enemies such as monstrous dragons, Trex, and other prehistoric creatures. With each victory, you seize control of enemy territories, slowly expanding your own domain.

In this online 3D fighting game you have the opportunity to create a formation of dinosaurs before each battle and position them so that you are invincible. You and your AI opponent have the same type of dinosaurs, but he can only attack you in a certain formation. Try to defeat him and move to the next level. For each win you get coins and you can buy more dinosaurs. You can combine same dinosaurs and get a better one. So let's do it!

Game Controls:

LEFT CLICK to move your dinosaurs and warriors across the board, choose upgrades, and more.

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