Gun War Z2 game

On the roofs of tall buildings, a group of people is being chased by zombies. Your objective in this ABCya3 shooter game is to save as many people and kill as many zombies as you can. Drive the helicopter to the target location and shoot down zombies from afar. You have to make sure that people in trouble run to the pick-up area and get on the helicopter safely. So, the mission at each level is considered complete when the group of people gets on the helicopter. If one of them is killed by zombies. You have to restart that level.

You have to travel to 12 different maps to rescue people and defeat zombies and each map requires you to do 2 or 3 missions. You have to complete the current map to unlock the next one. You will shoot at zombies from the helicopter. You don’t have to kill every single zombie but you should kill the zombies closest to people. Otherwise, these people will be beaten. Depending on how many people you can save, how many zombies you kill, how many power-ups you use, and so on, you will get a different amount of money.

And you can use the money to buy new Aims, Guns, and Helicopters. Besides the main missions, this game also offers daily tasks. By completing them, you will get extra rewards. In addition to shooting directly at zombies, you can also shoot at gas or fire missiles to blow up zombies. However, be careful because people can also get hurt because of that. As you level up, the missions become more challenging. Be well-prepared to deal with them.


A to fire a rocket, mouse to aim, and left mouse to shoot.

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