Zombie Survivor Fight game

Zombie Survivor Fight is an exciting zombie shooting game. You are a zombie hunter and you need to upgrade your weapons, add guards and also set up traps to kill zombies faster. Use your machine gun to shoot zombies and defeat them to defend your territory. Escape and save yourself from the zombie tsunami, the war is about to start, try to survive in this survival war!

 In this game, you assume the role of a zombie hunter and your objective is to upgrade your weapons, install guards, and set traps to eliminate zombies more effectively. You can utilize your machine gun to shoot zombies and protect your territory from being overrun. As a zombie tsunami approaches, your goal is to survive and escape. Brace yourself for an impending war and strive to remain alive in this survival game. The game boasts of fascinating gameplay, attractive graphics, an intuitive interface, and easy controls.


Use your mouse

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