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One of the really fascinating things when you join the online game Helicopter Escape is that you will be fighting with the spirit of a hero. Would you like to get started? All that fun will be present in this game. The hostages are screaming for help? What would you do when faced with such a situation. Play the role of the rescue team and do your best. Kill all the criminals and save as many people as possible.

Dangerous but fun work. You will do well in those things. You will join the rescue team on a helicopter to fly to the area where the death is happening. Your teammates will lower the plane to save the hostages and you will be on a mission to hold back the bad guys. You will be provided with a gun, perform accurate shooting techniques to be able to do it quickly and cut off the bad guys. You are alone and the opponents are many. Your strength will save the hostages because you have a kind heart. Enjoy Helicopter Escape online game at https://abcya3games.net/.

You will totally be able to overcome that. You will cross the sky and land near the rooftop terrace where the hostages are escaping. Indeed, the fighting spirit will rise when the hostages cry for help very fiercely. They are facing death if not saved. You try to help them so they have a chance to live.


Use the mouse to play the game or touch the screen.

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