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I Like Pizza makes you the best chef. Use your move skills to complete this game at ABCya3. Collect, stack dough, and prepare food for your customers. Earn money based on the number of pizzas you have at the end of the journey. This game has a simple gameplay and stunning graphics. Many players love this journey and want to share it with friends to join in their spare time. What game tips did you have during the journey?

You can expand your portfolio by preparing different foods such as pizza, donuts, and hotdogs. Be the best chef and provide the widest variety of food you can. Upgrade your food to earn more coins. Unlock multiple levels and win this cooking game. You can learn how to operate and come up with new ways to play for the journey. Run a delicious pizzeria with new online gaming tips. We always facilitate players to participate in many games without being bothered by ads. Become a shop owner and earn lots of money for your delicious food.

Get ready to be a good player today. Use your online gaming skills to complete new games of various themes. Customers are waiting for your food. Earn money based on the number of cakes you have. Prepare ingredients and complete pizzas in a new way. This interesting version of the game attracts many online players to unlock and perfect in their spare time. You will be ready to be the best player.


Use the left mouse button to move the pizzas to the last position

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