Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist game

Are you ready to join a war? The battle with the heavyweights with guns will be available in the online game Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist. You will show your fighting ability. They are trying to invade the city and your mission is to fight. Do not hesitate and fear death. Join now? We won't have much of a chance to be able to fight. Join the war and become a hero in the city. Shooting and shooting consecutively is your mission.

Before entering the game, choose a character and continue to control that hero. Evil enemies are sheltering in a hidden building. You stand outside the light difficult to see them. Therefore, you need to be awake to be able to find the location of the bad guy and shoot. They are many and you are alone. You will participate? Together we will create a lot of uniqueness and new in this game. Win and together create many new challenges. Conquer a lot of opportunities and rebuild this city when participating in the online game Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist at Here you will have an opponent.

You will be alert and use shooting skills proficiently. In this game, quick hands and eyes will have an advantage. Would you like to start challenging yourself now? Fast gameplay, eye-catching graphics. All will be present in this exciting game. We will be conquering many interesting challenges. Shooting games will make players feel very excited.

How to play:

Click to shoot.

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