Squid Challenge Glass Bridge game

Have fun with Squid Challenge Glass Bridge online game. Enjoy this game, try to survive one of the most dangerous games. Take a close look at the steps you have to take to cross the glass bridge and reach the final destination. Your goal is to survive the glass bridge. You need to approach by choosing the right glasses. Since one of the two glasses on the stage was tempered glass, it couldn't bear the weight.

If you step on ordinary glasses, you will fall and die. You can choose from five difficulty levels. Furthermore, if you don't reach the opposite side within the predetermined time, the game will be over. Good luck with the fun ways to play. You will feel a lot of fun while playing this game. We will experience challenges together! Enjoy the online game Squid Challenge Glass Bridge at ABCya shooting games. You will start from the starting point of the glass bridge. Then you will choose how to cross the glass bridge through the glass panes.

You will be remembered the tempered glass panes. It will glow on the glass bridge and you have to keep it in mind. Those glass panes will be sure to help you pass easily. Do not choose the wrong one or you will fall and die. A painful death when falling from above. The game is very unique, you will feel a lot of fun while playing. You will choose the levels before playing as easy, medium, hard.... You should try each level in turn. Join now and have fun!

How to play:

Use mouse or touch screen.

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