Rule Your City game

Rule Your City is an online shooter game 3d that transports you back into the days of the old Wild West, where you become the sheriff in charge of shooting down criminals that are doing bad things, ensuring safety to the citizens!

In Rule Your City, you embark on a thrilling journey as the guardian of your city, armed with your trusty old western assault rifle. Set in a modern urban landscape at dawn - when mischief and crime are setting in - you must take down gangsters threatening the peace. The game envelops you in an atmosphere of danger with its high-intensity environment and engaging gameplay.

Instruction to play:

Move with WASD, jump with space, sprint with shift, crouch with alt, and use the mouse to aim and shoot guns, of course. Change weapons with Q and E, and lock your cursor with L.

In each of the fifteen levels, walk around, and when you find the robbers or other criminals, shoot them down while making sure not to get shot down yourself first.

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