The Great Zombie Warzone game

The Great Zombie Warzone is a fun shooting game with a lot of action. Your goal is to keep zombies away from your land by building and improving your army.

In this game, you will go to the distant future, where the survivors of the Third World War, people are fighting for their survival against the living dead that have appeared on the earth. Today you have to command the defense of one city. In front of you on the screen you will see a street along which zombies will move towards the city center. You, using the control keys, will have to call on your soldiers and place them in certain places on the street. When the zombies get close to your soldiers, they will join the fight. Destroying your opponents you will see how coins fall out of the zombies. You will need to collect them. With this money, you can call on new soldiers or buy weapons and ammunition.

Instruction to play:

You need to use the mouse to position, upgrade and shoot your army. In the Great Zombie game, you can see the amount of gold you have from the area at the bottom of the game screen so that you can create your strategy against zombies.

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