Squid Escape Bloody Revenge game

You are trapped in the prison. Survive and win Squid Escape Bloody Revenge game at Abcya3games.net. Use the most basic tips and follow the instructions of the game that we have introduced. The prison is located on an abandoned island and is full of traps. Be careful during the move to make the best choice for the itinerary you have. Prisoners and guards here want to kill you.

To survive you have to fight, kill and solve some puzzles. There are many deadly games here. Play them, win and escape. Good luck! Don't be scared by this colorful game if you want to survive. The bloody war does not frighten you. Enemies kill you or you kill enemies. There is only one way to survive. Fight and use the gameplay tips of other players from all over the world. They have also gone through different missions and have experience participating in our special game space. Become the best player to win every challenge today. Nothing can stop your fight. Complete every quest and explore the newest game space that every player loves.

Share with friends to complete the new game of your choice in your spare time. What is your favorite battle? ABCya's new games have many interesting journeys. With the squid game version, you can discover the latest game content in your spare time and choose different ways to play without spending much time searching.

Game controls:

WASD to move around, Mouse to look around, Left mouse button to shoot, Right mouse button to aim, mouse wheel to change weapon,

G to get grenade, R to reload, F to pick up items, left Shift to run, left CTRL to bow, X to move, V to jump melee universe

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