Tom Clancy's Shootout game

Tom Clancy's Shootout is a brand new multiplayer io game with shooting featuring the classic Ubisoft franchise which we are sure that many of you know and love, which has now come over to the world of browser and mobile gaming, making it way better than before, of course!

In Tom Clancy's Shootout, prepare to enter the extreme world of firearm confrontation. Your skills are put to the ultimate test where reflexes and precision shooting are key. The battle arena is filled with technologically advanced drones that you need to take down before your competitors do. Choose from a variety of elite operators, each possessing unique traits, and aim for the top spot in the global leaderboard.

How to play:

The game relies heavily on quick reflexes and precise aim. Use your computer mouse or trackpad to aim and left click to fire your weapon. Take down drones to unlock advanced weaponry and increase your score. Each operator possesses unique abilities, choose wisely according to your playstyle. The faster you eliminate targets, the higher your chances of topping the leaderboard.

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