Zombie Hunter Survival game

Zombie Hunter Survival is a third-person shooting game with familiar zombie and post-apocalyptic themes. The player will play the role of a female agent sent to fictional city A with the mission of stopping zombies while investigating and finding a cure for this disease.

In addition to building a large open world with many complex contexts and diverse zombie types using today's most advanced 3D graphic design technology. objects to create authenticity for this world. However, the focus of Zombie Hunter Survival is still on the extremely beautiful and seductive female agents. Not only are the 3D models created with high detail, but the costumes of the characters are also extremely sexy with bold cuts to highlight the extremely seductive bodies of the female characters.

Players can choose from different types of weapons and equipment in the game, including pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, drones and more. In Zombie Hunter Survival, the levels are very diverse, players can participate in combat in many different contexts such as cities, forests or deserts and face many different types of enemies such as soldiers, snipers. defenders, zombies etc.

All games are free and many new ones are added every day Gun Master  and Neon Blaster 2. are 2 of the best that you should try first.

Instruction to play: Use the WASD or the arrow keys to move your character.

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Inlogic Software

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