Gangster Shooting Police Game game

Gangster Shooting Police" is a driving game where you play as one of the prisoners who has managed to escape from prison. This game will make you feel like a virtual gangster who has challenged other dangerous gangs. Even the police will not be able to stand aside, seeing the shootout on the street. In the story, the main character just got out of prison. During his time behind bars, things have changed on the streets. Our hero has lost power, and the gang of loyal fighters has disintegrated. Now your goal is to restore the former glory and take over all the neighborhoods, at the same time assembling a new gang.

How to play:

W -Forward,
S -Backward,
A -Left,
D -Right,
Space – Jump,
Right-Click - Aim,
Left-Click - Fire,
F -Vehicle In/Out,
I -Instructions,
Esc -Pause,
R-Reset Car

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