4x4 Offroader game

4x4 Offroader is an addictive driving game in which you drive huge 4x4 cars and trucks. You can drive them freely in the area. Don't worry about causing damage as you can instantly repair your vehicles. Just have some fun and enjoy the game!

In this game, players take the wheel of formidable 4x4 cars and trucks, unleashing them onto an open terrain where the thrill of off-roading knows no bounds. The best feature of 4x4 Offroader is the freedom it offers players. You have the liberty to navigate your chosen 4x4 vehicle through the expansive off-road environment, testing your skills against the rugged terrain. The game encourages players to push the boundaries of their vehicles, taking on challenging obstacles and conquering treacherous off-road tracks.

It takes serious effort, good observation skill and amazing control of your own car to win this game! More racing games like Moto Boss and Prado Car Parking Games Sim also have their own charms and great points, so check them out too!


  • WASD or arrow keys: drive

  • Enter to reset car

  • C: camera

  • M or N: change car

  • T: slow mo

Published by company:

Faramel Games

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