Obstacle Cross Drive Simulator game

If you are in dire need of a bit of adrenaline rush with one hard-core game of racing, this new truck driving simulation game called Obstacle Cross Drive Simulator will easily be the perfect option for you! Crack this Abcya3 fun game filled with 3D realistic models, a new truck system, and lots of challenging tracks to enjoy. All players participating in this game will play the role of a truck driver in a 3D-setting racing track. Depending on your skills and driving style, feel free to choose a signature tactic as long as you can arrive at the finish line intact and on the few first positions.

The game provides four different kinds of modes with simple rules, however, they all share the same objective. For example, Traffic mode, Free driving mode, and Parking mode are the three famous obstacles that you can pick to participate in this game first. Within each, there will be level marking with numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on to showcase the level of difficulty. As the equipment and the head of your truck can be both updated and customized, remember to check the in-game store once you gain a significant amount of money from winning the races.

Keep it up with real-time hints and arrows by taking a look at the side panel statistics from time to time. To be the best, keep in mind that you also need to complete the missions on time to secure a collection of all three yellow stars. Three requests shall be given per level, which are the baseline for tasks that the drivers are carrying out. Don't wait around any longer and take this shot to show the world how good of a truck driver you can be! Other games like Euro School Driving Coach 3D and Simulator Truck Driver will be good options from abcya driving games as well!

Instructions: Use the mouse to select, drive with arrow keys.

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