Extreme Drag Racing game

In any racing simulation game from the list of Abcya3games.net , it's very important that you utilize the gears and equipment embedded inside a car to make the most out of it. Each race comes with a unique fantastic simulation and different terrains to discover, are you ready for them all? Showcase your talent in driving and managing the balance of the car upon participating in this game's races. From controlling the lanes, changing the direction, learning how to shift gears right at the time, you will have a lot of chances to practice.

The key point is to aim for the maximum speed per acceleration and beat your opponents with everything you got on the platform. This game is all about bypassing the other players using your techniques, however, choose the suitable tactics for each option of the car model. They come with their unique stats and features and some just suits for a few specific sceneries. Pick your tires and car model wisely before tackling any race to cclaim the winning title. A tip will be to stay on the closer lane and avoid being on the outer edge of high-speed chase or else it's easy to get pushed off the road.

Avoid the collision and crash at all costs as they bring damage to your car as well as slow you down on the journey to upgrade the ranking. Keep advancing in more games of car theme such as Prado Car Parking Games Sim and Obstacle Cross Drive Simulator , all available for free here at Abcya3 ! Share the fun spirit and adrenaline surge while racing with other friends and make this game experience even better!

Controlling keys:

Drive, move left and right, and speed up using WASD or arrow keys.

Choose the model and mode using the left mouse button.

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