Asphalt Retro game

Asphalt Retro is all about acing this ABCya new racing game with top-notch race gameplay and retro-themed graphics! If you love racing games in which you get to race to the top while dodging not only the other opponents but also the obstacles, this game will be the suitable option for you. Let's start hitting the store to pick out your favorite car model before emerging in any race. Thanks to the retro racing graphics added the gaming experience here will be a thrill to make all players shine with their chances! Start the game and learn how you can overcome the other car racers and make it to the top within the shortest time frame.

The key point of this racing game will focus on avoiding the randomly popped-up obstacles and preventing the others to hit you along the way. Any collision will lead to a decrease in speed and pace, which results in higher risks of losing your stance and position in the race. Do whatever it takes to bypass other players and defeat them with your new high records. How long will it take for you to clear each race and reach the destination point with the designated flag? It's the perfect racing game for you to prove not only your driving skills but also a chance to explore these 8 amazing tracks. Feel free to unlock new cars after each successful race and be prepared to control a new model that is much more powerful!


Boost the engine with the up arrow key.

Drive using the left and right arrows.

You can play using the mouse cursor too.

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Gameloft SE

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