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Bike Racing 3 is the third installment of the addictive hill-climb racing series Bike Racing. You can find the previous sequels at if you haven’t played yet. In the beginning, you have a basic bike and the first racing track is already unlocked. You can start getting on your bike and rush forward right away. This time, you won’t race against any racers or the clock. You can set your own achievement to get such as go as far as you can in the shortest of time.

There is also no finish line or special item to collect during the track. The only item you can collect is the coin used to unlock new tracks, new bikes, and upgrade fuel, engine, tires, and stability. The game ends when your bike is flipped over and you land with your head. Like other bike racing games, you need to keep balance to avoid flipping over. It’s insanely hard though, especially when you ride your bike at high speed on the bumpy road. Each track is filled with a series of hills and obstacles. Besides, each bike goes with its own advantages that make each one fits different terrain.

Of course, you don’t have several choices at first. As you unlock more bikes and tracks, you should think of choosing a bike that helps you a lot on a certain track. For example, a scooter is an ideal choice to cruise over rolling hills. You don’t have to cross the finish line within a given time to finish a level here. As soon as you collect enough money to unlock the next track, there you go.

How to play:

Arrow keys.

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