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Collect as many lines of gold coins as you can to raise your score and increase your chances of winning. Accept the challenge in the brand-new game Brainy Cars at with brand-new gameplay. You will be addicted to the game the first time you join because these are not other casual driving games. You drive on an aerial track and you will be able to create a path for your car. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, your car moves the way you created it. You can draw paths up and down because it depends on your preference.

Then your car will move. The road ahead is not so simple. In the air, obstacles suddenly appear. You need to draw a path to make your car move and avoid obstacles. But it is not that simple because it came out so suddenly. You cannot measure it, but if you do find out, you need to quickly create the safest path so that your car will not collide with any pitfalls. Earn yourself lots of money and unlock more amazing cars. Experience the adventure on the longest trail ever with your creativity.

Creating on your paths is extremely thrilling in your best imagination. Will fun smile at you in this game? Enjoy the most relaxing moments on the roads in the air. The game also has a lot of interesting things ahead are waiting for you on the roads that you can draw on. It's great that you can invite your friends to join this game Brainy Cars together to become the best players with the best imagination and dexterity and development.


Use the mouse to be able to create paths for your car.

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