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Sometimes, you want to find a game with a simple concept, easy enough to play and challenging enough to test your skills, right? You don’t need to waste your time and effort in searching anymore. Let….. introduce you a special match-3 puzzle game meet all your demands named Candy Match Saga. This is a candy world filled with colorful sweet stuff that everyone love. The rule of the game is simple, you just need to match at least 3 candies of the same kind to remove them from the screen and earn points. The more candies you match in a turn, the more points you get on The game offers the only endless level. So, play and go as far as you can. You should pay attention to the time bar in the left of the screen.

Don’t let this bar run empty, otherwise, the game is over. Each time you match more than 3 same candies, you add some times to that bar. Observe and act quickly to keep your playing session last longer until you get a record score that no one can beat you. Yes, the game is all about speed and time. If you’re too slow, you lost a chance to get a higher score and you may have to start playing from the beginning. The game sounds simple but actually really challenging because you race against the time. Try your best to beat the clock and earn the highest score ever in this amazing puzzle game.


Swap the candies by using your mouse.

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