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Confront - a ABCya3 shooting game brings the sensation of a fight in this Mexican standoff game so that the players can learn how to function in a fast-paced and close-range fight! The reflex will be your greatest asset in this game as you need to shoot quickly to avoid the bullets. The main character shall rotate in seconds, therefore, you have to blast the shots to shoot all the enemies surrounding you. If you fail to hit them soon, one of them will easily get the chance to shoot back.

There is a wide variety of choices for the weapons from the shotgun, a 9mm, double barrel, tactical gun, .50 caliber, and a revolver. All of them are presented in the store of Gogy online store for you to pick. Each one has its unique and valuable point when coming into the battle. For example, a shotgun helps to aim more precisely in short-range fights, while a double-barrel guarantees a better shot when you have to target the enemies from further rounds. Time seems to stop when you become a hero, but make sure to take down the enemies in this short minute! Choosing the right timing shall be the key to successfully hit your rivals.

Once you have proceeded to higher levels, civilians will mix in the round, which means that you need to become more careful so as not to hit them. Keep in mind that every 5 levels, you enter the boss zone to go head to head with the bosses themselves! Learn how to choose the right type of weapon and carry out the tasks with the smoothest operation possible!


Click to shoot and interact in the store.

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