Count Speed 3D game

Count Speed 3D is a cool combination of driving games and maths that has beautiful 3D graphics, simple controls, and addicting gameplay. Your ultimate goal is to gain the highest speed and reach the highest level of reward. Your car will move forward automatically and your job is to help that car avoid crashing into obstacles on the way.

One important thing you should keep in your mind is that to reach the highest level of reward at the end of each level, your car must gain as high speed as possible, and to gain the max speed, you have to make the car go through green gates with numbers on them. When you go through the red gates, your speed will decrease and when you hit an obstacle, your car will explode and which means you have to restart that level. Do you see so many coins out there? Try to pick up as many coins as possible because here at ABCya-3, you need coins to unlock new cars and upgrade the stats of speed, and income of your existing car. With coins, you also can buy magnets to collect many coins at once.

As mentioned above, the speed of your car will decrease when entering the red gates. Besides, some things like stop signs, unused tires, and many more also make your car slow down. Then, try your best to dodge them. This game offers a lot of numbers with increasing difficulty. Later on, you will deal with more obstacles. Have a safe journey and make sure you won’t miss any available games as well as new additions on our site.



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