Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing game

Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing is finally available. It’s one of the best motorbike racing games that have 10 exciting levels and attractive graphics. Here, it offers 2 game modes for you to discover including Single-player mode where you race against 4 racers controlled by CPU, and 2-player mode where you race against your friend on the same device. Whatever modes you choose, your ultimate goal is to be the first one who reaches the finish line.

You have to finish a certain number of laps in each race. Besides speed, you may have to take advantage of ramps to pass your opponents behind and stay ahead of the race. Don’t give your opponents any chance to leave you behind. Be careful while driving your motorbike. If you fall off the racing track, you don’t have to restart that level because you will respawn immediately but your opponents will take that chance to pass you. Here at ABCya3 games, once when you finish first, you can unlock new levels.

Otherwise, you keep restarting that level. Even the second place isn’t qualified. In addition, when you get first place, you will have a reward which is money and you can use the money to buy new vehicles to race faster and better. Use nitro whenever you can to speed up and take your chance to win. Good luck and after this game, why don’t you explore other options on our site?


Player 1 uses SFED to drive and steer,

Shift for nitro,

W/ R to kick other racers,

and C to respawn

Player 2 uses arrow keys to drive and steer,

Space for nitro,

N/ M to kick other racers, and H to respawn.

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