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Don't pass up the new Dr. Panda Restaurant online game if you're seeking for a pleasant, simple, enjoyable, yet addictive enough game for the quick break! This is not only going to be a fast-paced game that grabs your attention right away, but it's also a fascinating interactive game. Many visitors will be waiting in line to sample your meals at the restaurant that you and Dr. Panda have established.

As all of them are very hungry, can you order the kitchen and swiftly deliver the most delicious dishes without failure? The goal of this game is to correctly record the orders of each customer, prepare the dishes accordingly, and deliver them in time. Should any customer have to wait for too long, they will get angry and leave the restaurant, which leaves a bad impression on the others. Make sure this doesn't happen too often to keep a good reputation for your restaurant. In this game from ABCya 3, you will also get to be creative when it comes to creating recipes for different signature dishes and drinks, ranging from pizzas, cakes, pies, soup, smoothies, and other equally delicious dishes.

As your customers finished feasting on the food, make sure that you clean the tables afterward to open up new space for new guests. Another task for this game is the work of recycling garbage and arranging the kitchen as well as the serving area. Kids of all ages can have fun with our adorable game thanks to the user-friendly interface and the most adorable character set! Are you ready to learn how to cook all the dishes on the menu of our restaurant?


Click and drag the mouse cursor to choose the tools and interact.

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