Highway Cars Traffic Racer game

This game Highway Cars Traffic Racer will pique their interest and beckon them to the infinite highways of speed and exploration. Children and adults will be immersed in a car gaming experience with the help of attractive graphics and powerful sound effects. The excitement and adrenaline are constant during this racing game.

This game features four different game modes for you to play. Each game mode presents a different gameplay experience, so be sure to check them all. In One Way Mode, you will ride on a one-way road and you should only pay attention to the traffic going in the direction you are driving. In Two Way Mode, there is two-way traffic, and you can drive on the wrong side of the traffic to earn extra points, but be careful not to crash. In Time Attack Mode, you have to earn as many points as you can in a limited time. The last mode Speed Bomb has a fun mechanic. After you reach a specific speed, a bomb will activate on your car and will explode after a few seconds if you slow down. To survive in this mode, make sure to drive fast. In each of these modes, you can earn extra points by driving past very close to other cars. These points can be used as money to upgrade and customize your car. You can even buy new cars from the garage!

Like other racing games such as E30 Drift Simulator and Tap Sky Road, high speed and the ability to balance the vehicles are two crucial elements here as well! Learn tons of tips and tricks on how to survive on this huge driving test with your new friends now!

Instruction to play:

Use the WASD keys to drive.

Published by company:

Rokito Games

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