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How long have you not played a shooting game? Do you want to play a shooter game now? Welcome to Egg Wars where you join a war of eggs. This game offers 2 game modes including Battle Royale and PvP. Of course, your main goal in both 2 modes is to survive until the match ends. More specifically, in the Battle Royale mode, you will fight against other players online to become the last egg survivor. A match in the Battle Royale mode ends when there is only one survivor. In the PvP mode, you will team up with 4 other players and your team will compete against another team with 5 members.

Like almost shooter games, you will move around the map and look for the targets. Approach the target and shoot him down. You have to hide yourself to dodge their attacks. It’s dangerous if you are surrounded by several opponents at once. In that situation, if you can hide, let’s hide without hesitating. Otherwise, it’s possible that you will be shot down. This ABCya3 game also allows you to swap different weapons during the battle. You have more than 10 weapons to check out such as AK47, Desert Eagle, RPG, grenade, and so on.

Take advantage of each weapon to master the battle and save your life. Pay attention to every movement because you can be attacked by your opponents from every direction. Each time you join a match, you will team up with different players and face different opponents. This keeps the game always fun and challenging, doesn’t it? Break a leg and bring the victory home by yourself or with your teammates.


Space to jump, Q to swap weapons,

G to throw a grenade, Mouse to fire,

R to reload, and WASD to move.

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