Extra Hot Chili 3D game

Extra Hot Chili 3D is a fun online action game that can be played for free on Abcya3games.net. Devour delicious tongue-scorching chili peppers in this hilarious 3D action game! Complete each level by ingesting enough spicy food to fill the spice meter and push the character to hot, sweaty tears! Avoid anything that does not look spicy or it will drain your spice gauge!

Chili pepper is an indispensable seasoning in the recipe for cooking various dishes. But in the game Extra Hot Chili 3D Online, this type of very hot pepper will be used not as a condiment, but as a main dish. You will feed it to the contestants for the best pepper eater. Choose from a plate of peppercorns to fill the scale on the right. Then go picking peppers while jogging. Next, the peppers will turn into slingshot projectiles to shoot directly into the mouth of the eater. Every time you will choose peppers against other foods and even inedible items so that they do not get into the player's mouth in Extra Hot Chili 3D Online.

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Use mouse or touch to play.

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