Interstellar Run game

Have you ever imagined being lost in the world of aliens? With Interstellar Run at, you will have to run away in a 3D space with many dangerous obstacles. Everything appears unexpected and constantly makes you feel dizzy. This is a never-ending race and the challenge will continue to appear in this fantasy pipeline. Your task is to run continuously and overcome obstacles and black holes on the track.

To overcome these challenges, you have to jump over the black hole, move left or right to avoid obstacles on the way. However, they will not appear in the foreground, but will constantly make you have to control the character quickly and accurately. The speed of Interstellar Run will also be significantly increased, the obstacles will appear more and the density will be thicker on the track. You don't have any choice in this race, you have to overcome all challenges to escape from the alien world. This is an extremely dangerous and stimulating speed game.

The 3D pipeline of Interstellar Run will change shape continuously and make it difficult for you to identify the obstacles ahead. Black holes will appear continuously and everywhere. These speed games promise to bring you moments of relaxation after a tiring day of studying and working. What are you waiting for?


Use the A key and the D key or arrows key to move left or right. The W key, the arrow up, or the spacebar to jump.

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