Super Hero League Online game

You are a strong person and you love violent games to relieve stress and fatigue after a hard-working day? Join the bloody battle with Super Hero League Online at and show your talent instantly. Warning! This is a game with a tendency to violence, so it is not suitable for children to play with or with permission from a guardian. The image in this game is related to blood and death horror, so it can cause obsession and a negative perception of life.

In Super Hero League Online, you will play the role of a hero with many powers and magic. The enemies are those who are trying to destroy the earth and human life. Therefore, you must defeat these enemies at all costs. Your task is to raise the enemy very high then shoot them and cause their bodies to fall to the ground and break. However, in each round, you will have to find a way to destroy the enemy most satisfyingly. Sometimes you may have to hammer, box, or throw them high to kill them.

The difficulty level of the game also increases with each level and you also have to think to find the solution in the shortest time with Super Hero League Online. In the next levels, puzzles will continue to be given, and killing enemies will not be easy. So you need to solve the puzzle and use your wits to win.


On the computer: Use the mouse to drag and shoot enemies.

On the mobile: Touch the screen directly.

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