Hill Climb Pixel Car game

Hill Climb Pixel Car is an off-road racing game in which drivers will have to drive their powerful vehicles over intricate terrains full of obstacles, slopes, potholes, puddles, dirt and mud tracks. Are you ready to put your talent to the test?

Choose the desired difficulty mode and start conquering extreme tracks. Remember to keep your balance while performing mind-blowing stunts in the air so you don't fall upside down. Be sure to pick up canisters with fuel; otherwise, your car can stall in the middle of the road. For victories in races, you will earn money on improving the characteristics of your car. Also, in the garage to your choice will be presented many different vehicles, including motorcycles, pickup trucks, buses, and even tanks. Accumulate enough coins to unlock one of 6 unique characters. Good luck!

Like other racing games such as E30 Drift Simulator and Tap Sky Road, high speed and the ability to balance the vehicles are two crucial elements here as well! Learn tons of tips and tricks on how to survive on this huge driving test with your new friends now!

Instruction to play: Using Mouse.



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Rocket Studio

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