Hurakan City Driver HD game

It's your chance to customize the top-ranged sports car that you are going to use for dashing through the vibrant city of Hurakan City Driver HD where the top drivers are showing off their skills! Let's demonstrate your skill sets ranging from accelerating through the obstacles-filled city to drifting and bypassing the other cars! It's the perfect gaming experience with the stunning sports cars of the latest models.

You are free to pick whichever unlocked cars you can, even if it's a stunning Lambo or a Maserati with elegant curves and designs. Once participating on the street of this ABCya3 new game, perform your talents in creating jaw-dropping stunts and creative drifts. Not only will you get the chance to emerge in plenty of tough missions but you can also strive to unlock the huge collection of customization options for cars in this game. One highlight part of the game that not all newbies can conquer is the control of Speed & Drift Limits while being on such fast-paced cars. Learn realistic car physics and how to free-roam the city in your 3D car and enjoy this fabulous car game online!

Don't miss out on the fun drifting dynamics of the game as well as cool camera angles to bring the most elaborated point of view for racers! Steering is the key to movement, but do your best to keep the overall balance of the car as well to stay in the game longer.


Drive and steer the car using WASD or arrows,

use the F key to boost nitrogen,

G for slow motion mode, and C to adjust the camera.

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Fuego! Games

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