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Welcome to Imposters 99 – the latest shooting game. Here, you face hordes of Imposter clones and you’re the original version. Those hordes of clones want to kill you and take your ship. Do not let them finish that plan. Hordes of enemies are hiding. You need to move slowly around the ship and shoot at them. There is a large circle around you. When enemies enter that circle, your character auto-shoot. You just have only one life. When an enemy touches you, you die.

You should move back if you should back off when attacked massively. Finish a level and you’re rewarded with coins. You can use coins to upgrade your fire rate and damage to kill enemies more effectively. There are different types of weapons on the levels. Pick up weapons, defeat all enemies in each level and reach the green circle to complete your mission and move to the next level. Watch out for every direction because enemies can come out from any corner. Logically moving forward and backward is the key to protecting yourself and killing enemies effectively in this game at As you level up, the battle becomes more intense and you can fail.

One of the most important things to keep in your mind is that don’t forget to pick up weapons when you see them. The weapons that you pick up is much more powerful than your original one. Enemies can only hurt you when they come close to you. They don’t have weapons to shoot you; therefore, when you keep a certain distance from the enemy, you can completely defeat them without losing your life.


Move by using your mouse.

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