LA Taxi Simulator game

LA Taxi Simulator is a free online game that lets you experience the thrill and realism of driving a taxi in Los Angeles. The game is a simulation of the taxi business, where you have to pick up passengers, drive them to their destinations, and earn money. You can drive around famous cityscapes, such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

In this game, you get behind the wheel of a classic yellow cab and cruise across iconic cityscapes, picking up passengers and building your own taxi empire. You'll be tasked with ensuring the safe arrival of passengers at their final destination. To begin, move your vehicle toward the passenger by following the on-screen arrow. The passenger will get out of the car when you reach the green light. Before time runs out, you should have arrived at your destination. The vertical middle blue bar displays the health of your vehicle. This bar will decrease as you hit obstacles and collide with other vehicles, and the game will end when it reaches zero. Take care on the road, and remember that happy riders equal happy drivers.

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Instruction to play: Use the WASD keys to drive around.

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