Moto X3M Pool Party game

Moto X3M Pool Party is another sequel to the successful series where you get back on the bike. Lovers of extreme sports come to their own, as the game offers many different obstacles during which you can do the most various tricks. In addition to various jumps, you can also ride on ice or under water. You will also need to avoid dangerous gears and other similar pitfalls. Do not forget that time is also very important here, so do not waste your time anywhere. So put on the bike and let's do it!

This game suits all ages due to its simple rules and interesting gameplay. If you don’t know what to do in your spare time, let’s spend your time playing this game and you won’t regret it. Have the best gaming experience and enjoy more fun with Swipe Runner  and Extreme Cycling .

How to play: Use arrow keys to accelerate, brake and flip your bike. Get to the finish line as quickly as possible. Perform acrobatic moves in the air to save your time.

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