Parking Man game

Parking Man is a fun parking game in which you can drive numerous different vehicles into a spinning parking garage.

Many car parks have valet parking attendants who are responsible for the correct distribution of cars in the parking lot. Today, in the new exciting game Parking Man, we would like to invite you to try to master this specialty. In front of you on the screen you will see a road at the end of which there will be a barrier. The road itself will run into a circular parking lot. This parking lot will be divided into zones, as well as it will rotate at a certain speed around its axis. Cars will drive up to the barrier and stand in front of it. You will have to guess the moment when there will be an empty space in front of the car and open the barrier. Thus, you will let the car go to the parking lot and it will occupy the corresponding empty space.

Instruction to play:

You can use your mouse to play.

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