Pixel Crash 3D game

Pixel Crash 3D is an enjoyable riding game that combines the cool pixel graphics with fantastic crashes and thrilling drives. Customize your car and enjoy three different game modes.

If you are a fan of pixel art, the game "Pixel Crash 3D" should please you! In front of you will be a big beautiful city, which can somewhat resemble a city made of lego. Here you have the opportunity to drive around the big city, exploring its surroundings. This game will be a great opportunity to kill a few hours of your time. Cool controls, a large fleet of cars and various missions. All this in conjunction will give you a great mood. Ready? Here we go!

How To Play:

You can show off your driving skills in the racing and bumping game Pixel Crash 3D. Choose a car first, then add new colors and other customizations. However, you will need to accumulate additional cash through game play in order to unlock new drivers and greater skills. Then, you have the option of selecting either city mode, demolition mode, or race mode. In the first mode, try to outpace your competitors to win the race. In this mode, you need to take care not to crash your car. On the other hand, in demolition mode, hitting other cars will win you points. Finally, the city mode allows you to drive at will.

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