Police Chase Motorbike Driver game

Police Chase Motorbike Driver is a cool motorbike riding game in which you are the police who is in charge of chasing and arresting the one who takes on the criminals. Here at abcya3, so many missions are waiting for you to complete. Right after you start the game, get on your motorbike and reach one of the suitcases to open your mission. Each suitcase has one mission and you can accept the mission or decline it.

Read the detail and start your mission and finish it as fast as you can within a given time. For example, you have to follow the helicopter and remain within 150 meters distance, collect 10 checkpoints within the time limit or stop terrorists, and so on. While doing the mission, make sure you ride your bike carefully because if you crash into something, you need to repair it and refuel it as well. You will get an alert whenever your bike gets damaged.

Don’t forget to collect money scattered around the city to unlock new motorbikes in this amazing game. Yes, you need more modern bikes to eliminate the threats that are trying to ruin the city. With the missions in which you have to face enemies, you can shoot at them to kill them. Don’t let them escape. This is not a level-based game. However, it offers you a lot of missions. You will need to spend much of your free time completing them all. So you will have hours of fun here.


WASD to move, F to get in your bike, mouse to aim and shoot, Space to brake.

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