Racing Horizon game

Racing Horizon is a 3D online racing game where you’ll be riding along with your car in heavy traffic. It will be really difficult to avoid all of the obstacles, so you’ll need to focus. The money you earn can be used to buy numerous upgrades for your car a wholly new car. The game offers you 4 different modes - missions, endless drive, time challenges and police chases. It’s up to you to pick the correct mode. The game offers you perfect 3 graphics and great controls.

In this racing game, you have to drive as fast as you can and dodge the other cars on the road in the timed mission mode. The faster you drive and the closer you slip between the other cars are you pass them, the more points you’ll score.

Game Controls:

  • WASD or ARROW KEYS = Drive car
  • F key = Nitro boost
  • C key = Change camera angle

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RHM Interactive

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