Real Sports Flying Car 3d game

In Real Sports Flying Car 3D, experience the thrill of handling both a car and an airplane in one vehicle. This game invites you to immerse in breathtaking landscapes while performing daring stunts, on the ground or mid-air. Show your skills, either as a car driver or a flying pilot, with a simple press of a button. Unleash the full potential of your car, from doing flips to making high jumps.

Thinking about flying cars has always been exciting and fun in mind. Well, that idea is now just become a flying car game and your car game is now also one of the flying games as well. Now you can become a car driver and flying pilot as well with a single push of a button. Explore more hidden features of your flying car simulator game as it might do flips and big jumps from the air when you turn off the flying feature in the air. Just drive or take a flight on your very own car which is now not less than an airplane.

How to play:

Control with WASD and let the flying car take off and land with F. Use the left shift key to ignite the nitro and pick up even more speed. Use P to pause and Esc if you want to use the cursor again. Then perform the best stunts in the air, fly over city and countryside, and of course use the classic driving options. You can perform missions to earn money for more supercars and upgrades, race or explore the open world. Many options in 3D provide long entertainment in hot sports cars, even without a driver's license!

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