Squidly Game Hide And Seek game

The first time you join the game Squidly Game. Play a game with content related to today's famous game. Fight your opponents in a red light game. Stop when the doll indicates a red light and act when the doll indicates a green light. Observe the color of the lights to move at the right time. Who follows the rules? These social orders become more useful to you than ever.

Don't hesitate to pass each challenge along with 30 other players. This is an addictive game trend on social networks and other websites. Join and win the easiest way if you love our journey. You have to be careful and fast to lead the other players in the allotted time. If you move at a red light, you will be shot by the soldiers. You will lose. This game seems extremely violent, but it will help you better understand the rules and obey the game. Those who do not follow the rules will be fine. This becomes obvious. Try to survive last if you join this io game.

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Arrow keys, WASD or left mouse

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