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Traffic Racer Pro Online is one of the most requested racing games out there and finally, it’s available at ABCya-3. If you have played any version of this series before or other similar games, don’t miss this one because, if you don’t play it, you miss something super exciting. Let’s talk about your main goal first. It’s to go as far as possible in whatever mode you play. In terms of game modes, there are 4 options for you including One-way, Two-way, Time Attack, and Speed Bomb.

Basically, One-way and Two-way modes are the same. There is no limited time there, so the game ends only when you crash into other vehicles. In Time Attack mode, you have 100 seconds to go to the furthest and in Speed Bomb mode, you have to drive your car at high speed all the time. If you slow down or stop your car, your car will explode. Each time you slow down or stop or crash into a vehicle, a red bar will appear on the left side of the screen. When it’s empty, your car will blow up.

You can drive in the daytime, nighttime, and in the rain in all 4 game modes. Besides, when you pass a vehicle as close as possible, you get extra points and coins. It’s called a near miss or a near hit. With coins that you have collected, you can buy new cars that have higher stats of speed, brake, and handling, or upgrade your existing ones with better tires, gears, wheels, colors, and more. Play safe or dangerous, it’s up to you.


AD or left/right arrow keys to move,

Space to restart,

C to change the camera,

and Tab to pause the game.

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