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You have played many parking games, driving games, or racing games before, right? Games about cars are uncountable and a lot of new car games are released every day, and Turn Turn is one of them. You can call it a puzzle game, or a traffic game. Here, you won’t drive your car to compete against other racers. Instead, you will help a long line of cars across the intersection without crashing.

At each level of this abcya3 online game, you need to help a certain number of cars go from the narrow alley to the main road without crashing any vehicles moving on the road. If a car hits a vehicle on the road, you have to start the game from level 1. How to turn onto a road or across the intersection safely? It’s hard, especially when it’s rush hour. Look! Many vehicles are moving on the road. You have to wait when 2 cars are quite far apart moving on the big road, then you tap or click to let your waiting car cleverly squeeze in between those 2 cars.

Each time you click or tap, a waiting car will move. And do you see a pile of money attached to the head or tail of cars moving on the main road? when your car joins the main road closest to the car in front and the car behind, you may collect money. And with money, you can unlock new skins for your cars. The game becomes more challenging over time and each time you fail, you come back to the first level, and every time you do, you will experience level 1 in a new way.


Tap or click.

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