Ultimate Car Arena game

Ultimate Car Arena is more than a typical rracing game. It brings together the exhilaration of drifting and the strategic gameplay of football into one dynamic package. The game challenges you to navigate through various obstacles while performing front and back flips. Improvisation is key as your driving skills evolve with each match.

How to play:

Control your sportscar with WASD and ignite the nitro with Shift to go through the big loops. Use the spacebar to ignite the handbrake and drift. But be careful, there are other Mustangs, Porsches or Lamborghinis in this arena that will be eager to take you on and take out an opponent. Don't get caught off guard and be the first to collect all the coins. And if you want to have extra fun, search and find the soccer field and kick a big ball into the goal. Use C to jump on the grass. In case you let the car land on the roof during all your tricks, use R to reset it.

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