18 Wheeler Driving Sim game

In this truck driving game, you have to move your goods using a 18-wheeled vehicle through the streets and difficult views while making sure your goods are not too disadvantaged as expected. What you need to move will shift through the game, you can bring cash from your driving position and open new shipments to be sent. You can play 18 wheeler driving simulator game online for free.

Your goal in this game is to simply drive without following any rules or obligations. You can also try and drive off-road to explore the area and find out what the landscapes have to offer. Have fun with this awesome Truck Driver Simulator!

Instruction to play:

  • Keyboard: The arrow keys or WASD keys are commonly used to move the character or navigate menus. The space bar is often used to jump, and the Enter key is used to start or pause the game.
  • Mouse: The mouse is used to aim and shoot in FPS games, to select options in menus, and to interact with objects in the game. The left mouse button is often used to select or shoot, and the right mouse button is used for secondary actions such as aiming down sights or interacting with objects.
  • Spacebar: It's mostly used to jump, shoot or interact with objects.
  • Esc button: It's mostly used to pause the game or access the game menu.
  • Tab button: It's mostly used to access the scoreboard or inventory.
  • The number keys: They are mostly used to switch weapons or select items.
  • Ctrl or Shift: They are mostly used for crouching or running.

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